How to donate baby clothes, toys and equipment

We are so grateful that so many of you want to donate items to help local families in need. The Stripey Stork  office is in Redhill, Surrey.

If you are not local to us please click here to find out where you can donate toys, clothes and other children's items near you.

As a small charity we are not resourced to offer a collection service but there is lots of parking at our offices and one of the team will help you unload your car. 

Check our monthly wish-list which you'll find in the Latest News section of this site as that is updated each month and it details what items we need and what items we'd prefer not to receive.   

Please clean and check any items you bring to us - we want the recipients to feel like they are receiving a gift and not a handout. A general rule of thumb is that if you'd pass the item to your best friend for their children then its good enough for us!

Donations can be dropped off at our office at the following dates/times:

October 2018

Wednesday 31st October 10am-12pm

November 2018

Wednesday 7th November 10am-12pm

Wednesday 14th November 10am-12pm

Wednesday 21st November 10am-12pm

Saturday 24th November 10.30am-12.30pm

Wednesday 28th November 10am-12pm

Please note that we will not be accepting donations in December (with the exception of new items for the Santa Stork campaign) as we will be focusing on getting referrals out before the Christmas break. Thank you. 

Contact us at with any queries.