We don't make donations to orphanages but you items will go to local families in need via social servicesHere are answers to a few of the questions we regularly get asked about our work and about donating baby and children’s toys, clothes and other items.

Please read the information below, and if you have any further questions please contact us.




Where and when can I drop off items?

The best way to get items to us is at the donation sessions held at our Redhill offices. Check our How to Donate page for details of upcoming sessions.

Where are you located?

Our office address is: Trafford Building, Quarryside Business Park, Thornton Side, Redhill, RH1 2LJ (in Watercolour just along from the Holmhurst Medical Centre). For a map, please visit our Contact page.

Let us know if you are planning to visit to drop off or collect so we can agree the most suitable times.

Do you offer a collection service for items I want to donate?

We rely on our network bringing their donations to us, however if you are unable to deliver please ask and we may be able to organise a volunteer to pick up. It depends on what you have to offer, where you live and the availability of volunteers.

What about safety standards?

The following items have mandatory safety standards – prams/pushchairs, cots/cotbeds and highchairs. You may like to use this product safety checklist to ensure your donation meets current safety standards

Does my donation have to meet every mandatory standard on your checklist?

If you are unsure please email us a photo and description (make and model, date and country of manufacture) of these items so that we can be sure of their suitability for re-homing.

Do you have a list of what you accept?

Yes, please see this list of baby and children’s items we can and can’t re-home at the moment.

Do I need to clean my pram or highchair before donating it to you?

Yes please! We are a small team and if you don’t clean it someone else has to find time to do so.

If you are unsure where to start or how to go about it, please just email us as our volunteers have a wealth of knowledge to share.

I have a other furniture (sofas, table and chairs etc) I would like to donate, is that something you need?

We try and focus on the essential needs of babies and young children. We recommend Furnistore in East Surrey – a charity that helps people set up homes by promoting the re-use of furniture. You can arrange with Furnistore to collect bulky items for a small charge.

How can you let me know if you have a particular need?

You can choose several ways to be alerted when we have call outs for specific items:

1. Like us on Facebook

2. Follow us on Twitter @stripeystork

3. Check our Latest News page to see our current donation wish-list.

Can you accept cash donations?

Yes! Please get in touch with us via info@stripeystork.org.uk with details of how to donate if you want to support us in this way.

Please also see our Donate Money page for the various ways you can support us.

What will you do with cash donations?

We ensure that every quality donation we receive can be re-homed by making it safe and complete. For example we can take a donation of a cot, check that it meet safety standards, buy a brand new mattress, and re-home with a beautiful bundle of pre-loved clothing and bedding, a cot mobile and a lovely soft teddy.

We also need money to buy new teats for feeding bottles, and to buy new safety harnesses for prams, highchairs, bouncers, change tables etc so they meet the latest safety recommendations.

We can also use cash donations to repair punctures and replace broken parts on prams.